THE Ministry of Health is blaming a coding error for 100,000 people in Madrid being involved in a data breach which included exposing the personal details of the King and Pedro Sánchez. 

The glitch compromised the names, addresses, and the last four digits of their credit cards of thousands registered with the health service in Madrid. 

Telemadrid reported that King Felipe VI and the prime minister were among those affected by the cybersecurity breach. 

A problem with the software used by the Community of Madrid to record COVID vaccinations meant that thousands of patients had personal data leaked ‘for an indeterminate time’.

The Ministry of Health, according to Telemadrid, said the error occurred due to ‘the upload of an update that passed the test protocols but generated a gap when it was launched’. 

They confirmed that a security breach was detected’ but added that the link was never in the public domain.

“It is false that any citizen can enter the web pages of the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid to obtain the Covid certificate and that confidential information such as clinical data of the king, the president of the Government or other former presidents can be accessed”, they said. 

But Telemadrid claim that the details of thousands of people across Madrid, including the king and prime minister, were accessible for a short time on Wednesday, July 7.


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