IT was great news when the UK government put the Balearic Islands on the Green list, especially as I’d booked for my son to come out on holiday, although it is disappointing it is going back to amber on Monday.

Thousands of British tourists have been arriving in Mallorca as they no longer needed to self-quarantine on return to the UK. Earlier this month, I was one of the many people at the airport looking forward to welcoming loved ones after the long-awaited announcement to add Mallorca to the Green list.

For those who think it’s selfish and irresponsible that people should even consider wanting to travel, it’s not just about getting away for some sun. But even if it is a bit of sun, sea and sand you’re wishing for, you shouldn’t be made to feel guilty. For many of us it’s about being reunited with loved ones who haven’t been able to travel because of the world-wide COVID restrictions. 

As I waited outside arrivals at Palma airport I got chatting to a few people who were the first to arrive in Mallorca from the UK.

For recovering cancer patient Diane Frere it was a celebration of life after arriving at Palma airport after undergoing cancer treatment. She’ll also be celebrating her 40th birthday whilst on holiday in Cala d ’Or.

“I’m ecstatic to be here,” said Diane. “It’s a long-awaited rest after having cancer treatment last year. I’m now in remission and it’s my 40th birthday, so it’s a double celebration.”

Maeve Leaning and husband Jeremy who live in Port Soller were patiently waiting for her daughter to arrive after not seeing each other since August 2020.

Tearing up as she spoke, Maeve said: “It’s emotional. I haven’t seen Allanna since last year. We Facetime but it’s not the same. Allanna lives and works in London and we didn’t want her to come out until we thought it was safe.” 

Husband and stepfather Jeremy whose son lives in Australia, added: “Mallorca being added to the Green list is not just about holidaymakers, it’s about reuniting families who have been unable to see each other for a long time.

 “I think as long as you’re vaccinated or have a negative test people should be able to travel freely.”

After a tearful reunion, Allanna Jackson, 31, who works in hospitality and events, said: “It’s fantastic to see my Mum and I’m really looking forward to having two weeks with her.” 

As for me, it’s great to finally be able to spend some quality time with my son Anton, who is doing a business studies degree at Leeds University and also works in a DIY store.

Terenia, Son Anton And Partner Paul
Terenia with son Anton and partner Paul

Whilst Anton is here I’m going to enjoy time with my family after our lives have been on hold for so long.

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