A Valencia area car salesman took a customer on a test drive only to be threatened with a knife as the potential buyer drove off with the vehicle.

The Policia Nacional have arrested a man, 40, and charged him with violent robbery.

The customer visited a dealership in Alzira and saw a car that he fancied.

He asked the salesman for a test spin and he took him on a 10 kilometre drive to Corbera.

The purchaser liked what he saw and asked if he could sit behind the wheel.

Once he got into the driver’s spot and the salesman was still outside the car, he produced a knife and threatened to kill him if he got inside.

The shocked trader then watched the car speed off to Cullera.

Policia Nacional officers based in Alzira recovered the vehicle and detained the thief, who has a criminal record.

The stolen car is also being examined to see if any parts have been removed.

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