A GPS tracker on a stolen rental scooter trapped a thief who took it across the Costa Blanca.

The scooter was stolen from Playa del Albir in l’Afaz del Pi.

The renter of the vehicle contacted the local hire company to tell them what had happened.

Unbeknown to the the thief, 43, the scooter had a GPS device on it.

The hire firm immediately pinpointed the scooter’s exact location.

It turned to be 80 kilometres south of Albir at an Elche address.

The police were called with the details and paid a visit to the robber.

He claimed that the scooter, worth €800, had been abandoned in an Albir square.

He put it in the back of his car and made no attempt to report his find to the authorities.

The scooter has been returned to the rental company and the man has been arrested for theft.


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