IN light of the increase in coronavirus infections caused by the Omicron variant during the sixth wave of the virus, the Junta has issued a list of recommendations for the festive period.

A leaflet of recommendations has been made public, yesterday, Monday December 20, outlining pandemic control measures for Christmas dinners and celebrations.

In regards to Christmas dinners, the Junta has advised of a maximum of 10-15 people and two family ‘bubble’ groups at celebrations over the Christmas period. With good ventilation indoors at all times.

In an interview with Canal Sur Television, the Junta’s minister of Health, Jesus Aguirre, said, “Family meetings should have a maximum of two bubbles and not exceed 10-15 people, with each family ‘bubble’ sitting at their own table.”

The Junta has also advised that Three Kings parades should not take place. But if they do, the recommendations are that they take place in ‘wide roads’ so as not to ‘concentrate’ children in large groups. The parades should be held in ‘optimal conditions’ where face masks should be worn at all times and social distance maintained.

Individuals who have symptoms, even if they have not tested positive, should stay at home, with the ultimate aim of ‘having the least possible number of infections over the festive period’.

Additionally, Aguirre has informed that it will take another 10-15 days to know if Omicron is the dominant strain. According to the Health minister, the Omicron variant may be ‘more contagious’ but ‘less virulent’. Adding he didn’t know if this was a ‘good or bad’ thing.


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