FIVE hours of intense negotiations helped to persuade a man to come down from a Murcia city crane on Thursday.

The man, 45, was threatening to jump after climbing some 20 metres halfway up the crane on a construction site in the Ronda de Levante area.

Reports say that he was a Romanian national who was separated from his wife.

He claimed to have been scammed out of €4,000 that he needed to rebuild his life in Romania.

Emergency services were called at 2.45 pm.

Policia Nacional officers were joined by Murcia firefighters who set up a crane with a ‘cherry picker’ platform parallel to where the man was.

Police and fire crew members spent five hours trying to calm the man down and to convince him not to take his life.

The conversations proved to be fruitful and reports suggest that his major concern was whether he would be prosecuted for what he did.

He started to climb down around 8.00 pm and was treated for exposure by paramedics, and appeared to be otherwise well.


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