30 Jan, 2022 @ 15:45
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The urology blokes: British consultants expand practice from Gibraltar to Costa del Sol


SO farewell and good riddance to 2021! Hopefully the tide is turning and we are beginning to see the back of COVID. 

But while the earthquake may be in our rear mirror, the tsunami of growing disease generated by 18 months of healthcare neglect is fast approaching.

Combine this with the anxiety of finding good quality healthcare post Brexit and a big challenge looms.

However, it’s not all gloom and despair, two doctors have decamped from London to revolutionise urological care on the Costa del Sol.

After setting up a unit in Gibraltar, British urologists Paul Hughes and James Allan are taking their skills into Marbella. 

So what are the red flags on your urological beach? 

Well first of all most problems are manageable if they are picked up early enough, don’t bury your head in the sand! 

Prostate model in urologist office (Image: Flickr)

Men are notoriously bad at engaging with healthcare and the idea of discussing what happens in the lavatory, bedroom or indeed your boxers isn’t a great vote winner for the average bloke.

Let’s start with your prostate! If you are getting up at night, always in the loo, your fuse is getting shorter and certainly, you can’t put out a fire, then it is time to get help. 

Worried about the big C? The vast majority of problems are so much better when addressed and shared.

If you have any sign of passing pink or red urine then it’s not fine wine but a big red flag. 

If your urinary habit has changed and you have to memorise all the local public loos then it is time for a chat with your favourite plumber! 

This is especially true for those of you who enjoy or used to enjoy a cigarette. 

Just because you are over 21 does not mean you cannot enjoy a high quality of life. 

The male menopause, testosterone, sexual performance and erectile dysfunction are all problems that have solutions. 

Ladies should not be plagued by urinary tract infections. And incontinence is a terrible curse, don’t tolerate it!

Put the last two years behind you and mend the roof before it rains! 

You can now meet Mr Hughes or Mr Allan at HC Marbella hospital or in Gibraltar or simply check out www.theurologyclinic.gi

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