A British man wanted by UK authorities after skipping jail for weapons offences, has been arrested in Marbella.

The 29-year-old fugitive was detained at a routine police checkpoint on January 31. but details have only just been released.

The Policia Nacional said he had been previously arrested days earlier in Estepona for drug trafficking.

UK authorities issued a warrant for the man’s arrest on January 24 who had been serving time for the illegal possession of weapons, ammunition and explosives.

The Policia Nacional suggested he had been given a five year and nine month jail term, but had served only half that sentence before slipping out of the UK.

No other information has been supplied except that the man he is now in the custody of National High Court in Madrid to process his extradition to the UK.

The arrested Brit, with the initials C.H.T.M, is not a member of the latest Crimestoppers ‘Most Wanted List’ of fugitives in Spain which was announced on January 19.

A Crimestoppers alert was issued however on January 27 for 29-year-old Alex Male, originally from Weston-super-Mare, who is wanted in the UK for drug trafficking; money laundering; and conspiring to acquire a firearm.

He was said to be hiding out in the Marbella area.


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