A BRIT was left gobsmacked after being reunited with the false teeth he lost on boozy night out in Benidorm – 11 years later. 

Paul Bishop received a package from Spain in the post this week containing the dentures, which had been vomited into a bin outside a pub in 2011.

The 63-year-old said he was ‘absolutely stunned’ to get his false gnashers back after more than a decade. 

Mr Bishop, from Greater Manchester said he ‘fell ill’ after drinking cider during a night out in the Spanish party resort in 2011.

“It was a drunken day out with the lads,” he said. 

“I’d had enough lager so I got a pint of cider, but then the other lads were ready to go so I downed the last of my pint and thought ‘oh no, it’s coming back up’.”

He was reunited with his long gnashers after the teeth were found in landfill and Spanish authorities used DNA records to track him to his Stalybridge home.

He said he was ‘gobsmacked and stunned’ when he saw his teeth and intends to put the teeth on display in the Ridge Hill Lane Working Men’s Club where he is general manager.

He said: “Someone’s definitely cleaned them up, they’re in perfect condition.

“I didn’t know I was even on a DNA database but I did a voluntary swab years ago so it must have been from that.

“From there they have got in touch with the British embassy and found my address.

“I’ve changed address three times since that holiday.

“I’m amazed they’ve taken the time to find me and post them back.”


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