LEARNING a language is hard. 

Luckily for us living here in Spain, Spanish is one of the easier languages to pick up. 

But we are all busy and despite having the best of intentions it can be difficult to find the time to learn and improve. 

Below we have rounded up four top tips which will let you learn the lingo that much faster. 

Four top tips (Image: Pixabay)

Be opportunistic

Try to take advantage of opportunities to speak Spanish whenever you can. 

Chat to the locals in the bus queue, in shops and in the street.

Look up local conversation classes or ‘intercambios’, where groups of English and Spanish meet for a copa or cana to practice each other’s languages. 

You should also try living with a Spanish speaker which will force you to speak the lingo on a daily basis and will naturally improve your vocabulary. 

Dedicate time to learning

Putting money towards lessons can really help you prioritise your learning and is especially helpful if you’re just starting out. 

Learning in a group can be a really fun way to learn. 

If you can’t afford lessons, make a weekly timetable and set aside at least four hours a week to learning.

Make sure you nail the basics and try to set yourself daily targets of X amount of new words. 

Learning a language (Image: Pixabay)

Make it your routine
Try to incorporate Spanish into your everyday routine. 

This means playing a language app like Duolingo everyday, listening to Spanish music and/or radio and watching your Netflix or TV with Spanish subtitles. 

Pick out the odd word and translate it and add it to a vocab list either on your phone or in a notepad.
Practice makes perfect
Don’t underestimate how important it is to practice – constantly and consistently. 

Throw yourself out there and speak to the bus driver, hairdresser, shopkeeper or anyone who will lend an ear. If you’re not in a Spanish speaking country, then repeat phrases in front of the mirror, to family and friends or even your dog—basically anyone who will listen! Don’t be scared, the more you practice the more confident you become. 


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