MALAGA cabbies are demanding extra security in their taxis after a driver was violently robbed. 

The Elite Malaga Provincial Taxi Association has requested an emergency meeting with government officials after a driver was robbed of all his cash in Malaga last month.

The driver was left with ‘serious physical injuries’ after the ‘excessively’ violent robbery during his shift on February 24, the association said. 

In the wake of the brutal attack, drivers have united across the city to back Elite Taxi Malaga’s campaign for additional security in vehicles. 

The Elite Malaga Provincial Taxi Association has demanded that local, regional and state administrations provide more security systems to taxi drivers to avoid similar attacks in the future.

They believe more should be done to protect taxi drivers, including the installation of CCTV cameras in vehicles.

In a statement they said: “We have to eradicate this type of violent action that does so much harm to our sector and to society in general.

“Authorities need to provide greater security systems to the taxi sector to prevent the repetition of this type of situation.

“Attacks like this happen very frequently and additional security measures will allow taxi drivers to continue to safely provide a service professional of the highest quality to the taxi user.” 


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