A new campaign follows a recent report about under-18s sharing indecent images and videos with each other. 

This awareness police campaign is targeted at parents, teachers and guardians, as well as youngsters.

Detective Sergeant Joanna Ullger, from the RGP’s safeguarding team, said: “It is illegal to take or share explicit pictures if you are under 18. But it’s also important for teenagers to know that once it is sent, it’s out there for good and we can’t retrieve it.”

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Image from: Gibraltar police.

They claim that it can be detrimental to children’s mental health after an image or video has gone viral.

One issue that some children may not be aware of, they explain, is that the law prohibiting the sharing of such files of under-18s also applies to under-18s. 

To help combat the problem, officers will be giving talks in schools to help educate children about the dangers of sexting.

They have also posted awareness posters on their social media sites and highlighted online advice on the issue.


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