A Denia teenager, 16, demanded a €15,000 ransom from the parents of a soccer teammate that he threatened to kill if he did not receive the cash.

He has been arrested by the Policia Nacional and told officers it was a prank.

The youngster falsely claimed he had a boy in his car boot and would spare his life if his parents acceded to his demand.

The call was made at 6.30 am and the hostage’s mother heard a drunken male voice trying to sound like her son in what appeared to be a noisy party-style atmosphere.

A different voice than appeared to make menacing threats with a €10,000 ransom demand, which he then upped to €15,000.

The concerned mother then heard what sounded like gunshots going off in the background.

The erstwhile kidnapper told her to call her son and then he would phone her back.

The frightened parents phoned their son who was at a house party that he had previously told them about.

He said he was fine and they went to pick him up.

During the journey to the party venue, the parents received another phone threat.

A boy’s voice told them that he knew where they were travelling to and that he would kill their son before they arrived.

Nothing happened and the parents went to the Policia Nacional to file a complaint.

The offender’s phone number was immediately located.

A Spanish teenager faces a possible charge of extortion, and he disclosed the name of a second participant in the ‘so-called’ prank.


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