VALENCIA stands with the people of Ukraine and is showing solidarity with humanitarian aid and advice on living safely in the region.

The Generalitat intends to simplify the channels and access to help offered by local authorities, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations) or individuals.

The regional government’s own website states that it is necessary and fundamental to properly assess the needs, organise and plan to reach those who need help.

For that reason, an organised conduit must roperly channel the immense and generous solidarity shown by the Valencian people.

With that, a special portal has been set up so that help of accommodation is regulated, monitored and controlled centrally.

Questions asked of the potential host are:

  1. Contact details of the host.
  2. Location of the accommodation.
  3. Type of accommodation (floor, hostel, hotel, home etc.)
  4. Number of places available
  5. Facilities available (water, heat, light, bathroom, internet etc.)
  6. Access to public transport.
  7. Will the accommodation be free or is rent expected.

A warning is also published about taking in children and teenagers.

Authorities have explained: “The fostering of children and adolescents without a family reference can only be carried out through the legal channels of the Generalitat’s protection system.”

“There is no other possibility than this, to ensure their protection and security, and thus prevent them from being victims of trafficking mafias.”

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