How to choose the best car for traveling if you are going to spend a romantic vacation or holiday away from home? What should this car be? Alas, in our case — certainly not the Gran Turismo class, although it was created precisely for this.

On the one hand, the best car for romantic traveling with your chosen one from Ladadate – date brides online is the one you have. And the question of how to select here is not particularly relevant. But on the other hand, there is also a choice in some cases. Even if we do not talk about such an option as renting, several participants in the upcoming trip can have their own car, and you can select among them. We will talk about the essential qualities that a long journey may require from a car, and you will already be able to try on the vehicle options available to you.


1.  Capacity

Not only is the absolute capacity of the interior and trunk crucial here but also the geometry of space. That is, the seats should be comfortable with the possibility of adjusting the pillows (including the rear ones). If a child is on board, be aware that a kid seat often takes up a lot more space than one adult. Therefore, it is worth trying on a child safety seat in advance to understand who and how can sit next to it — naturally, both the child and the adult must be fastened.

The trunk should accommodate all things, you should not count on the fact that you will take some luggage into the cabin. Strictly speaking, any large object in the interior is a safety hazard in the event of a sudden maneuver or an accident.

2.  Chassis

A particular danger is that on long suburban routes, the driver maintains a high speed, which is why there is no time to avoid dangerous pits. The consequences of contact with which, in turn, are more severe at speed — up to the emergency destruction of the assembly or wheel.

That is why most of the cars moving on intercity highways are SUVs of one class or another. Four-wheel drive is optional for them, but the energy-intensive suspension and large wheels with massive tires are perfect.

3.  Dynamics

Dynamic qualities — this is what a car needs to a lesser extent for long trips. By and large, real autobahns, where you can maintain a high average speed, cannot always be guaranteed, and it is simply not safe to drive fast on narrow regional roads. So a high speed is not obligatory.

However, on narrow roads with one lane in each direction of traffic, another characteristic of the car is useful — acceleration. This is crucial when overtaking: the faster you can accelerate and get out of the oncoming lane, the safer your maneuver will be. At the same time, keep in mind that if the car often travels with a full load, then it is advisable to choose a configuration with a more powerful engine since, under such conditions, the small-capacity power unit will show its failure.

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