THE true number of vehicles which are driven on Spanish roads without being insured has been revealed and it’s a shocking 2.6 million.

Insurance company Linea Directa teamed up with Spain’s Traffic Directorate (DGT) to investigate how many drivers were on the roads without proper insurance. 

They discovered that 1.8 million of them were behind the wheels of cars, while the rest were other vehicles including motorbikes, vans and trucks.

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Spain has 2.6 million uninsured vehicles driving on its roads. Image from Pixabay-Diego Bauza

The DGT issues penalties to around 130,000 people caught driving a vehicle without valid insurance, with fines between €600 and €3,000.

The research revealed those areas of Spain which had the most offenders.

Around 10% of vehicles registered to those in Malaga province are not insured but the worst culprits were found Melilla where 23% or almost one in every vehicles are not covered.

Drivers in Madrid meanwhile were likely to be more law abiding and just 6% of vehicles were not insured. 

Spain’s traffic laws that as well as a fine, those caught driving without valid insurance could see the vehicle seized.


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