THE UK’s first liquified natural gas-powered ferry has made its inaugural voyage as it sailed from Portsmouth to Bilbao.

Brittany Ferries’ Salamanca departed at 9.30pm on Sunday with more than 600 passengers and freight vehicles on a trip that will now become a regular route.

Brittany Ferries CEO Christophe Mathieu said: “LNG-powered ships like Salamanca are a clear statement of our commitment to the future and to fleet renewal.

“They are cleaner vessels, significantly cutting air quality emissions like soot and sulphur.”

The Salamanca ship will now make two trips to Bilbao each week as well as a weekly return-voyage to Cherbourg in France.

The Salamanca on its maiden voyage.
Photo: Brittany Ferries press release.

Both Bilbao and Santander ports will host refuelling terminals to power the ships in partnership with Spanish fuel giant Repsol. 

President of Brittany Ferries Jean-Marc Roue said: “In spite of Brexit and Covid which have cost our company several hundred million euros already, I am resolved to remain on our path towards eco-responsibility and energy transition.”


Whilst liquified gas is a cleaner method than traditional fuel, it is still a fossil fuel and releases harmful pollutants into the atmosphere.


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