The Policia Nacional in Benidorm have busted a criminal gang that distributed fake-branded clothes to local retailers.

The hub of the illegal enterprise was a city centre warehouse containing textile printing machines that stamped logos of major manufacturers onto clothing.

Four people of Spanish, French, and Indian nationalities have been arrested.

Investigators spent several months trying to find out who was supplying the bogus garments to stores.

Police inspected three Benidorm shops and removed over 10,000 fake items stamped by the clandestine workshop.

Textile and printing plates were recovered, which led officers to the gang’s headquarters and the seizure of their printers.

The successful police operation is the latest of an ongoing battle against counterfeit clothing hitting stores that attract tourists.

Five store owners were arrested in November while four market stall holders were detained for selling fake-branded clothes as well as bogus Rolex watches.


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