ALICANTE COURTS have ruled that prisoners jailed for sexual violence will not receive visits from their children.

A recent reform of the civil code was introduced with a view to preventing “vicarious violence” or intimidating the mother via the children.

The court’s president, Juan Carlos Cerón, insisted that “the Law makes it very clear” that it is for the sake of the child that prisoners’ communication must be curtailed unless there are exceptional circumstances.

The Civil Code was modified to state, “a visit will not proceed with respect to the (criminal) parent involved in attempting against life, physical integrity, liberty, moral integrity, or sexual liberty of their spouse or their children.” 

In the same way, a judge now has the power to suspend any vists when there are well-founded indications of mistreatment. 

The vice-president of the Association of Women Lawyers, Lidia García Olcina, stressed that, “an abuser can never be a good father.”

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