FIVE members of a Costa Blanca drugs gang have been jailed in a major strike by the Guardia Civil.

Six people were bailed and two others are still being investigated in Operation Leum.

The traffickers illegally occupied two houses in Busot and one in Monforte del Cid.

The properties were converted into cryptocurrency and marijuana farms.

Charges against the gang members include growing and possessing marijuana; drug trafficking; money laundering; the illegal possession of weapons; and illegally using electricity.

The crew ran a sophisticated cryptocurrency mining farm out of Busot.

The property was crammed with professional computer equipment powered up by an illegal hook-up to the power grid.

The aim was to carry out untraceable cryptocurrency transactions with officers discovering many items of technical gear that had to be unpackaged.

30 computer processors were removed during the Guardia raid.

Marijuana farms were present at all three addresses.

The Monforte del Cid part of the enterprise also had a warehouse to store marijuana for a short time before it was sold on the black market.

Everybody arrested or under investigation posesses extensive criminal records.


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