A Finnish tourist had €10,665 charged on two stolen bank cards after being rendered unconscious by a spiked drink and pill at an Alicante ‘hostess’ club.

Three Spanish men and a Romanian woman have been arrested by the Policia Nacional for fraud.

They were the manager and an employee of the ‘hostess’ club, as well as two taxi drivers who allowed access to their bank card terminals.

The Finn, 25, was out with some friends in the Alicante Port leisure area.

They were approached by a man who said he was trying to drum up custom for a bar.

He promised the young group that they’d get a free drink but the bar turned out to be a ‘hostess’ club.

Once inside, the Finn had the complementary drink but started feeling unwell and was separated from his friends by a female club employee.

Spiked Drink
SPIKED SHOCK(Cordon Press image)

She gave him a tablet to make him feel better but the victim told police that he lost consciousness until the following morning.

In a dazed and disorientated state he was found by his friends in the vicinity of the establishment.

After coming to, he discovered two of his bank cards were missing and several bank transfers totalling €6,000 had been made during the night.

Charges amounting to €4,665 for taxi services provided by two drivers had also been made.

The victim told police that he recalled hearing voices asking him for his PIN number.

He also discovered that his mobile phone had been switched from a Finnish language default setting to Spanish.

A medical centre test showed he was deliberately drugged with several narcotics including MDMA, methadone, cocaine, marijuana, and amphetamines.


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