THE man dubbed ‘the Fuengirola cap thief’ has been arrested and charged with 29 separate robberies.

The man was famed for commiting lightning-quick thefts using a baseball cap to obscure his face. 

The thefts mainly took place along the seafront and in the centre of the city, with such frequency that many local traders in the area had complained to police about the same man.

The crooks method was the same every time, after stores were closed, he would simply shake the security doors with such force that the fastenings would come off, before nicking whatever he could get his hands on in sixty seconds before fleeing the scene on an electric scooter.

Spanish Police 2
Police have ridded local shopkeepers of a big problem.
Photo: Wikipedia.

But the thief’s luck finally ran out on March 31 when police caught him, and found he was in possession of 100 grams of hashish.

His brother, who was with him at the time, was also arrested for narco-trafficking in separate charges. 

Specialist officers then conducted a raid on the brothers’ home, culminating in the arrest of four other family members on drugs charges. 

Over 250kg of hashish was found at the family home as well as many items the cap thief had stolen including TVs and laptops.

After appearing before the court the two brothers were remanded in custody where they await a trial.


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