12 Apr, 2022 @ 13:30
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MAKING A SPLASH: Spain’s first wave power project planned for Mallorca

Port Adriano Photo Courtesy Eco Wave Power

PORT ADRIANO in Mallorca is set to have Spain’s first wave power station.

The local authorities have signed an agreement with Swedish/Israeli company Eco Wave Power (EWP) for the potential construction of a two MW plant at the picturesque harbour.

Port Adriano will hand over a suitable site to EWP for 20 years, while the company will be responsible for getting planning permission and licences as well as building the power plant.

In the first stage of the project, a plant of up to 1mw will be built, with a second stage completing the project.

Although this would be the first wave power plant in Spain, EWP installed a 5MW plant in Gibraltar in 2016.

Port Adriana Photo Courtesy Eco Wave Power
Wave power plant will be built at Port Adriano. Photo courtesy of Eco Wave Power

At the time EWP co-founder David Leb told the Olive Press: “People have been talking about wave energy for a while – not only the ability to make electricity from ocean waves, but to make it commercially viable.

“That was only just in theory, but now we actually have something that is working.”

The company’s specially designed floating mechanisms – the Wave Clapper and the Power Wing – had been rigorously stress-tested in Black Sea storms, where waves reached heights of five metres. The buoys’ anti-corrosion measures ensure they will last 30 years.

“According to the World Energy Council you can provide twice the amount of electricity that the world is using now through wave power,” said fellow EWP Power founder Inna Braverman.

“There was a time when wave energy became popular in the 70s when there was a problem with oil and there was a lot of pollution that came to public attention. 

“But most of the wave companies back then, and even now, were offshore and very expensive, so investors got a bad taste in their mouth.”

However, Gibraltar’s wave energy buoys are easily accessible, with no need for divers or long trips out to sea.

Gibraltar Wave Power Photo Courtesy Eco Wave Power
The EWP plant in Gibraltar was built in 2016. Photo courtesy of Eco Wave Power

The New project in Mallorca will follow similar principles.

Braverman said this week: “When it comes to renewable energy, Spain foresees a sizeable buildout of new renewables capacity to reach 74% of electricity generation by 2030. Spain also has 8,000 km of coastline.

“The combination of Spain’s ambitious renewable energy goals, along with its significant coastline, makes it an optimal market for Eco Wave Power. We are very excited about the collaboration with Port Adriano and would like to thank them for being true wave energy pioneers.”


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