POLICE in Spain’s Mallorca are asking for help in their search for a €250,000 Lamborghini Huracan that was stolen from a Calvia home.

The Guardia Civil has drawn a blank since they started looking for the highly distinctive and rare supercar after it was reported missing on April 6.

Laborghini Guardia Civil
Police released this image of the stolen supercar. Photo: Guardia Civil

Officers have now put out a public plea for information, saying anyone giving information will remain anonymous.

The black car with green calipers was taken from the garage of a home in the exclusive town.

Anyone with information should call 971693783.

Luxury destinations like Calvia and Marbella have long attracted thieves after high-value cars.

Last year a massive criminal gang responsible for snatching luxury vehicles on the Costa del Sol was broken up. 

Officers revealed that they had spent weeks trying to catch the crooks, who used ‘sophisticated technical devices’ to bypass the security systems of high-end cars

The thieves, from Russia, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine, were wanted in connection to a series of car thefts in Malaga . The vehicles were worth around €3 million.

During the police operation, two high-end vehicles – both reported as stolen – were recovered as well as numerous parts from luxury vehicles including six fuel tanks, 32 engines, 24 gearboxes, 16 doors, 18 wheels, six batteries, six radiators, six roof covers, and 20 vehicle seats as well as five electric roofs, front windows and headlights.


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