A WOMAN standing trial for the distribution of more than 100 kilograms of cocaine from La Linea de la Concepcion in 2014 and subsequent money laundering has denied her characterisation as ‘the queen of cocaine’.

Ana Cameno could face 25 years in prison for crimes against public health, illegal possession of arms, and money laundering. The prosecutor has also request Cameno payback €400,000 of the laundered money.

Cameno‘s ex-partner, José Ramón Mora, is also wanted for a potential 21 year sentence, but failed to show up to the trial.

Eleven other defendants also made up the trial at the High Court in Madrid, some accused as part of the drug distribution operation itself and others on the money laundering side.

Dubbed the ‘cocaine queen’, Cameno completely rejected the image portrayed of her, instead insisting: “I am a normal, ordinary person, who comes from a good family, who has worked all my life”.

During the trial, she also lamented the first time she was arrested in 2011 and pleaded her innocence from criminality, calling the current trial ‘a machiavellian continuation’ of that first arrest.

She also claims not to know the others standing trial, of whom she was allegedly the boss during the cocaine trafficking operation.

Cameno also accused a high up member of the police of threatening to ‘destroy her’.

She told the court of her anxieties while on release of being put back in prison, due to a belief that the police were out to get her. 


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