A tourist pickpocket operating in Valencia was found to have over €50,000 of stolen goods at his home.

The 39-year-old thief was well known to authorities with over 30 previous arrests and complaints against him.

The Policia Nacional arrested him once again- this time with two female accomplices, aged 17 and 44, who were going to dispose of some of the stolen items on the black market.

They were spotted leaving his home with several packages including three high-end watches with a total value of €30,000 that were stolen 18 months earlier.

The male pickpocket operated mainly in city bars and restaurants frequented by tourists.

He targeted small items and bank cards which he then fraudulently used.

A search of his home uncovered a variety of phones, laptops, tablets and cameras, as well as branded sunglasses, wallets, and around 30 bags.

Police said the value of the goods exceeded €50,000.


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