MADRID will see the opening of a new pasta restaurant RavioXO on Monday, the latest offering from the ‘enfant terrible’ of Spain’s culinary world, Dabiz Muñoz.

The 42-year-old, who last year won the ‘best chef in the world’ award, will open his new establishment within the Corte Inglés department story at Nuevos Ministerios.

The focus on pasta and noodle dishes comes after a year of preparation in which Muñoz studied under chefs from Hakkasan Chinese restaurant group.

“I wanted to know the cooking techniques from Italian and Chinese cuisine in order to have the capacity to transform it,” claimed chef Dabiz Muñoz in a statement.

But of course, Muñoz will put his own signature on the dishes with each recipe using a filling matched with different doughs using a variety of flours, starch and fermentation processes.

The restaurant seats 45 diners who will be able to see the 48 staff prepare the dishes in an open kitchen. 

The average price in this restaurant is €95 per person with drinks included.

Among the tantalising dishes are fried Chinese doughnut and prawn bread for €4,5, cold Suzuki pasta for €14, fried eggs with black pudding for €18 and Singapore Crab for €24.

Last month Muñoz, who has won three Michelin-stars for his Madrid restaurant DiverXo, launched a food truck offering low-cost versions of his famous dishes in the glitzy Marbella port or Puerto Banus.


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