A British teenager, 16, has been arrested for allegedly raping a British girl of the same age at a Sa Coma hotel in Mallorca.

The girl’s mother burst into a hotel room to witness the aggressor abusing her daughter and screamed for help.

The Guardia Civil detained the youth on Monday after being called by hotel staff.

The boy maintains that his sexually encounter with the girl was consensual.

The female teenager had been staying for a few days at the hotel with her parents and sister.

The two girls met the boy on Monday afternoon and hung out with him in his room.

One of the sisters left the room while the 16-year-old kissed the boy.

The girl told the Guardia that she did not want to go any further but the boy would have none of it.

He’s accused of violently throwing her onto his bed and then raping her.

The boy is being held at the Guardia barracks in Monacor as investigations continue.


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