A Castellon Province waste management factory owner is being investigated over a poisonous discharge that forced drinking water supplies to be cut off for a fortnight.

Toxin levels were found to be as much as 1,000 times over permitted limits.

Guardia Civil officers went to an industrial estate in Vall d’Uixo on February 10 following a report of polluted water.


They discovered a strong smell coming from drinking water which had a whitish appearance.

Inquiries revealed that the pollution came from a hazardous waste company.

A breakdown in the firm’s production process and subsequent repairs led to water from the waste cleaning process seeping into the localised drinking water network.

Public health officials cut off supplies to several businesses on the estate for 14 days due to the risk of people being poisoned.

Water analysis revealed a mixture of toxic substances including detergents, ketones, and acetates.

A 64-year-old man was identified by the Guardia Civil on May 11 as the offender.

A report has been passed on for legal action to be taken against him.


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