MANY Ukrainians who found refuge in Valencian coastal towns are being asked to leave their accommodation as the summer season arrives, it has emerged.

Refugees who fled war-torn Ukraine and were welcomed in coastal towns are being told to find somewhere new to stay for the summer by the owners of property they have been occupying. 

Kalyna, an association set up to help Ukranians settling in Castellon province of Valencia, has reported a surge in requests to help relocate people as summer fast approaches.

“Most of those asking for help relocating were given homes in Benicassim and Oropesa, two of the most popular tourist towns in the Castellon province and where prices for holiday accommodation has skyrocketed with the end of the pandemic,” the organisation told Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

The group said that those people who went through official organisations like the Red Cross and Caritas had greater security while those who organised accommodation privately are more at risk of being asked to leave.

Kalayna says that individuals who offered to house refugees “were told that they would receive some kind of help from institutions, but the truth is that several months have passed and this has not been the case.”

Charities emphasise the level of support needed to deal with these vulnerable women and children remains significant as the war continues to rage in Ukraine, with more help needed from Spanish authorities. 


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