A British man has been arrested in Huelva Province over the fatal stabbing of man in the UK in August 2021.

The 22-year-old, with the initials OBP and possessing dual British-Spanish nationality, was detained in Hinojos.

He was living in a home belonging to family members.

Police said he managed to integrate himself ‘perfectly’ into the Hinojos community where he went completely unnoticed by authorities.

An International Arrest Warrant was issued by Interpol Manchester after he fled the UK last summer.

The man was allegedly involved in a deliberate killing on August 21, 2021.

No location of the incident has been disclosed.

In the company of three others, the man fatally stabbed his victim in the chest.

Once the Policia Nacional heard that he was in Hinojos, they launched an operation on June 20 during a big fiesta that allowed them to go unnoticed and therefore surprise the fugitive.

The man was taken to the National Court in Madrid to process his extradition.

The alleged killer has not featured on UK-issued ‘Most Wanted’ lists this year.


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