A ‘safe beaches’ campaign has been launched in the Valencian Community with 24 seaside drownings already reported this year.

The initiative aims to warn beachgoers about the risks of going into the sea recklessly.

The campaign has the tag-line of ‘Don’t spoil your summer. We want to see you again’.

It’s especially targeted at young people and visitors aged over 60, who make up the overwhelming majority of drowning victims.

Launching the campaign, Justice Minister, Gabriela Bravo said: “Our goal is to turn on that mental switch that stops imprudence, that invites reflection and appeals to society’s conscience about the need to know the risks that exist in bathing areas.”

“Two out of every three drownings in the Valencian Community occur on beaches and 72% of those happen in unattended areas, which don’t have lifeguards or who are off shift,” she added.

Drones will be deployed once again to monitor shores in what will be the busiest tourist season since 2019.

Valencian Drone

Pilot drone schemes in 10 key coastal municipalities were successful last year with a number of lives saved directly through the technology.

Drone numbers have doubled this year with units carrying several life jackets to help possible victims while they wait for rescue teams to arrive.

Emergency staff gas gone up by 24% until the end of August and the number of English-speaking workers has risen by 60%.


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