AN 11-month-old girl was taken to Valencia’s La Fe Hospital after being bitten by a dog outside a Xativa bar.

The girl’s condition was described as ‘stable’.

Clients of the bar outside Xativa’s sports centre, along with the dog’s owner, wrestled the miniature bull terrier off the youngster.

The attack happened on Sunday morning when the girl’s parents were walking with her outside the bar and the dog lunged at her.

The miniature bull terrier is not classified as a dangerous breed, meaning that it did not need to wear a muzzle.

The law however was broken by it not being kept on a lead.

The dog proved to be difficult to remove off the girl with its jaw locked in.

The child’s father and grandfather both suffered hand injuries trying to fend off the animal.

After the girl was freed, the sports centre manager drove her to hospital.

The Policia Nacional is investigating what happened with a full video available from the sports centre surveillance system.

The dog’s owner has given up the pet to Animal Protection who described it as a ‘very peaceful dog’.


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