A 75-year-old motorist caused chaos in Elche after hitting a child and then trying to drive off with a police officer clutching the driver’s door.

The man has been arrested for committing road safety crimes on July 7.

The elderly driver was reversing when he struck a child on a pedestrian crossing on Avenida Novelda.

The youngster suffered only minor injuries before the car then hit a parked vehicle.

Elche Policia Local officers quickly arrived at the scene.

They asked the motorist to release the car’s handbrake and put his gears into neutral so that his vehicle could be separated from the parked car.

The man refused to obey the instructions and fired up the engine to drive off, with an officer clinging onto the driver’s door.

He was dragged along the road for around ten metres but managed to grab hold of the steering wheel as he struggled with the errant driver.

The officer though was unable to prevent the car colliding with other parked vehicles.


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