A violent Ukrainian robbery gang who targeted fellow compatriots, including refugees from the current war, has been arrested by the Policia Nacional.

Four people were detained including the group leader who was based in the Malaga area.

The rest of the crew operated out of Madrid.

Police inquiries began in May after the gang struck at a Benidorm address where three female refugees from the war in Ukraine were the victims of a violent robbery.

They were bound and gagged as the intruders searched for money and valuable items.

The robbers ran off after one of the women escaped and ran into the street to wave down a passing car.

One of the thieves knew that one of the women had brought a substantial amount of money to Spain in order to buy a house.

The Policia Nacional discovered the Ukrainian gang specialised in extorting fellow countrymen and women, and also stole from drug dealers.

Raids on five addresses uncovered a cache of weapons and ammunition, as well as over €20,000 in cash and a stolen car.

All four gang members have been jailed after appearing in court.


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