THE special security device for the long-awaited Malaga Fair 2022 is ready—including, for the first time ever, the use of a drone to ensure a successful police reinforcement program.

Specifically a drone and 736 officers per day (including National Police, Local Police and Civil Guard) will ensure that the capital’s festivities, which kick off this Friday with a spectacular 20-minute long firework display, take place as smoothly and as crime-free as possible.

The special security device will run between Friday August 12 and Saturday August 20, with a focus on the prevention of hate crimes, gender violence, sexual abuse or aggression and sexual assaults by chemical submission.

The Local Police will perform a total of 4,557 police services during the Fair, with an average of 456 daily staff.

Meanwhile, the Provincial Police Station of Malaga will specifically assign to the Malaga Fair 2022 a total of 150 National Police officers that will perform 1566 services throughout the feria’s duration.

This year will see the National Police add a drone to their feria surveillance team, which will aid with providing images from different perspectives, with the advantage of offering mobility and speed in situations that require it.

Finally, the Guardia Civil will participate in this plan with 130 agents from seven units dedicated to the tasks of surveillance and traffic control.


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