AN Alicante Province health centre wall was daubed in graffiti hours after a patient angrily refused to wear a mask.

It was far from an isolated incident at the Orba health centre which has seen several people refuse to obey the law which seeks to protect vulnerable patients from contracting Covid-19.

Covid Fake

The Denia Health Department which includes Orba issued a statement on Friday reminding that mask wearing is mandatory in health centres.

Last Sunday morning, a man was told to put on his mask when he went to the Orba centre.

Officials described him as showing a ‘belligerent attitude’ and ‘very bad manners’ when he was told to comply with the rules.

Hours later, the front wall of centre had a painted ‘COVID FAKE’ message on it.

The legal department of Marina Salud, who operate local health services, described it as an ‘act of vandalism’ and have not ruled out making a formal complaint to the police.


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