TWO men, aged 19 and 20, have been arrested for a vandalism spree that damaged 48 parked vehicles in Alcoy.

The night-time mayhem was witnessed by residents on Tuesday as the men working their way through cars, motorbikes and mopeds parked on a main road as well as adjacent streets.

Numerous cars had their rear-view mirrors damaged and some of them had their boots forced open.

Items were removed and just scattered on streets and pavements.

Bikes were also overturned by the two Spanish vandals who had no criminal record.

A Policia Nacional patrol arrived in the area and spotted the men who fled the scene.

A street chase ensued with officers eventually catching the perpetrators who confessed to what they had and even listed the streets which they had vandalised.

Police now have to go through the pain-staking task of getting statements from all of the vehicle owners.


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