A woman in her thirties has been arrested in Tenerife for faking her own kidnapping and trying to extort €50,000 from her mother.

Four people related to the woman’s partner’s family have also been arrested by the Guardia Civil.

She posted a video to her parent with her face stained with fake blood and a knife pressed against her throat..

In it she said: “If you want to see me alive, you have to pay them.”

The victim claimed to have been beaten and warned that her mother could not tell anybody.

The Guardia Civil got involved after reports of a €50,000 bank transfer with no complaint filed about any crime.

It’s not the first time that her mother has been the victim of an attempted scam.

The same ‘kidnappers’ previously sent her three letters threatening her daughter’s life and demanding €40,000.

The Guardia knew who they were after and rounded up the woman and her in-laws within a day with everyone detained in a gaming saloon.

A house search recovered the knife seen in the video along with a bottle of fake blood.

The creation of a bogus crime and extortion could see the woman and her associates each jailed for between 7 and 17 years.


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