GIBRALTAR leader Fabian Picardo sent out the feelings of his entire nation when he sent good wishes to the Queen this afternoon.

Fabian Picardo tweeted at 1.46pm today that the Rock’s entire thoughts were with their monarch.

“The thoughts of the loyal people of Gibraltar are with Her Majesty the Queen at this time.

“We wish her well and will all hope and pray for her speedy recovery,” he added, while undertaking high level meetings over the Brexit withdrawal in London today.

Chief Minister of Gibraltar, Fabian Picardo. Image Cordon Press

It will be of great concern to the enclave, who voted by nearly 100% to stay British in a referendum in 2002.

In total 98.97% voted that the UK should not share sovereignty with Spain over the Rock.

The timing of the dramatic announcement could not be more poignant for the British enclave, which is due to celebrate National Day, this Saturday.

The national holiday, which is followed by a bank holiday on Monday 12, is set to involve hundreds of dignitaries from around the Rock and from abroad.

A number of British MPs and peers frpm the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) are due to arrive tomorrow (Thursday) to give support and enjoy the celebrations, which start on Friday.

It is not known what sort of celebration will go ahead if the Queen’s health deteriorates over the next day or two.

It is also not known if Picardo and his deputy will return to Gibraltar on Friday as planned to update the Rock on the continuing negotiations over the future relationship of Gibraltar with Europe after Brexit.

If the news is good, the government will sit with the UK dignitaries on the stage for the National Day rally.


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