POLICE arrested 12 people after discovering what they claim to be the first cocaine-producing laboratory in Spain, which had a capacity of producing 120 kilos of cocaine per week.

Officers in a raid on a Madrid property found three ‘chefs’ cooking the cocaine.

Operation Silicon began in May with searches at houses in Malaga, Cordoba and Madrid.

Policia Nacional
12 arrested as police discovered the ‘first South American cocaine laboratory in Spain. Image Policia Nacional

It is believed that the boss of the organisation is originally from Spain and led a life of luxury on the Costa del Sol.

National Police discovered that the organisation was storing a large number of chemical products in Cordoba and then transporting them in a maritime container from Spain’s Costa del Sol.

A Dominican man was the right hand of the Spanish boss and was responsible for supervising drug production and arranging distribution.

Video The Olive Press.

He also hired three Colombians who came to Spain specifically to produce the cocaine.

The investigators discovered that the organisation had originally rented a house in Coin (Malaga) to turn it into a laboratory, but then decided to open in Madrid instead.

Apart from arresting 12 people, police also seized a supply of products needed to produce cocaine, six luxury vehicles and €36,000 in cash.


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