A 53-year-old man has been arrested in Malaga for a string of traffic offences as well as the illegal possession of a firearm.

The man was arrested, together with a 43-year-old woman, by the Policia Local of Malaga and charged with drink and drug driving, considered crimes against public health, as well as the illegal possession of a firearm.

The incident took place just after midnight, around 12:20am, in the early hours of Thursday morning October 6, when police officers observed a reckless driver behind the wheel of a SUV which skidded down Cristo de la Epidemia street at high speed.

After leading officers on a chase throughout the city the car finally stopped after colliding with a garbage container.

The officers requested the man, who showed obvious symptoms of being inebriated, to step out of the vehicle and carried out a ‘pat-down’ search, where a plastic wrapper containing a powdery substance, apparently cocaine, as well as a total of €1,625 were found in the man’s right trouser pocket.

The police officers then searched the interior of the vehicle, where they found three more similar wrappings and in the hollow located under the armrest -between both front seats-, they also found a gun with its corresponding ammunition magazine with five cartridges, and in perfect working order, which, apparently, had been stolen earlier this year in Italy.

The woman accompanying the driver was also searched by an agent and was found to be hiding ten heat-sealed plastic wrappers all suspected of containing cocaine.

The driver was taken to the premises of the Accident Investigation and Attestation Group (GIAA) of the Malaga Local Police, where he underwent alcohol and drugs tests and tested positive for both.

The man and woman were subsequently detained to appear at court at a future date.


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