A judge has reported an Alicante Province-based Russian national to Spain’s social security department for falsely claiming €460.93 every month for over two years.

It was revealed the man had nearly €100,000 in cash and in his bank accounts.

The Russian’s fraud was discovered when he successfully appealed against a ruling denying him Spanish residency on the grounds that he did not have enough money to support himself.

A probe of his finances revealed that that he brought €65,070 in cash into the country and had over €33,000 in three bank accounts.

While the Alicante judge upheld the Russian’s appeal over getting a residency card, he got some bad news as he was accused of scamming Spain’s social security system.

The financial investigation confirmed that he was in receipt of ‘minimum vital income’ since June 2020 to the tune of €460.93 per month.

He now faces prosecution over the false claim.

In a written ruling, the judge said: “It is unacceptable that the appellant claims to have nearly €100,000 but at the same time is taking public money for aid that based on his income, he does not qualify for.”


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