THE University of Gibraltar last week hosted two discussions between academics and the online gambling industry on how to protect punters from the risks of gambling.

The university’s Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming (CERG) held the two sessions as part of the European Safer Gambling Week from October 17-23.

Experts from the US and Canada talked about the challenges and advantages of getting companies to partner with academics in the first discussion held online.

It was co-hosted by Yale University’s gambling research centre.

The webinar is now available on the University of Gibraltar’s YouTube channel.

CERG’s Chairperson Zsolt Demetrovics and Gibraltar’s Gambling Commissioner Andrew Lyman hosted an on-campus conference in the second event.

In it, gaming professionals and researchers gave more talks on responsible gambling.

During a round-table chat they discussed working together to understand gambling trends to stop punters getting addicted.

“The presenters of these events demonstrated the mutual benefits of the collaboration between the two parties on independent research,” Professor Demetrovics said.

“We saw some excellent examples of such joint work and discussed potential barriers of cooperation.

“I hope that these events will lead not only to the strengthening of our existing collaborations but also to the establishment of new connections between the CERG and the Gibraltar gaming sector,” he added.

Authorities have recently cracked down on gambling companies who tried to flaunt rules to protect gamblers.

Only last month, the UK Gambling Commission fined Betfred company Petfre £3 million for not being socially responsible.


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