WITH water levels in Andalucian reservoirs continuing to drop at an alarming rate, sitting at an unsettling 23% of their capacity, the Junta has formed an expert team on drought.

The current water storage deficit has spurred the Junta to form an advisory body that will guide the policies and actions of the Administration to address the lack of water in the region.

The expert team on drought, presented by the Junta yesterday, Thursday November 3, is formed of ten specialists from different fields including: Economists, chemists, law experts and irrigation experts.

According to the president of the newly formed committee of experts, Fernando Delgado Ramos, a civil engineer and former Director-General for Planning and Water Resources of the Junta, the group of experts who form part of the committee will work on a ‘voluntary’ basis.

All the specialists belong to the public sector, although they will also count on a network of universities and professionals in the private sector who will also collaborate with guiding policies and actions to address the lack of water in the region.

Meanwhile, the president of the Hydrographic Confederation of the Guadalquivir (CHG), Joaquin Paez, has criticised the Junta’s tardiness in setting up this expert team on drought.

“The committee of drought experts comes late, we have been suffering from drought for more than two years”. Paez said.


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