ALICANTE clearly loves this time of the year as its home to the world’s biggest nativity display as well as one of the country’s largest displays of Christmas lights including for the first time- the biggest bauble in Spain.

The nativity scene on the Esplanade of Spain features figures that are up to 17 metres tall and it has been recognised by Guinness World Records as the largest scene on the planet.

Xmas Crazy Alicante 1 Giant Nativity Scene

The baby Jesus comes in at 3.25 metres while his mother Mary is 10 metres tall and Joseph towers over them at 17 metres.

This year’s display has welcomes the Three Kings for the first time and as in previous years, six giant angels have been scattered around city centre locations.

The scene has been the creation of artist Jose Manuel Garcia Esquiva ‘Pachi’ and Alicante mayor, Luis Barcala proudly boasts that it is a ‘tourist attraction’ that encourages business to the city.

The other seasonal visitor hook is Alicante’s Christmas light display.

Xmas Lights

Over 2.6 million energy efficient LED bulbs are used with over 2,000 lit arches, garlands, lampposts, and trees adorning over a hundred streets and squares.

Erection work-using a record number of lights- started in late September and the lights were turned on much earlier than other Spanish cities on November 18.

There are two centrepieces this year- namely an 18-metre tall fully-lit Christmas tree in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and a new giant bauble on the Esplanade.

Xmas Crazy Alicante 2 New Giant Red Walk In Bauble

The 12-metre high sphere- on the Esplanade- has 8,100 LED bulbs and changes colour during a thrice-nightly sound and light show at 7.00, 8.00, and 9.00 pm.

It’s also a display that you can enter to enjoy a full light sensation experience.

Something that nobody bargained for was a small fire inside the bauble on Thursday evening that was quickly extinguished and the lights soon restored.


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