ALICANTE authorities are said to be astonished after a wanted kidnap gang leader turned himself in to police in Cadiz province, only for a judge to bail him.

The Guardia Civil made a nationwide appeal last month to find Carlos Garrido Delgado, the alleged mastermind behind an Alicante kidnapping plot in June to prise out lucrative cryptocurrency access codes.

The 40-year-old is said to have organised the snatch of a Russian couple with the help of gang members pretending to be police officers.

A European Arrest Warrant was issued against him and the Informacion newspaper reported that Garrido Delgado last week turned himself in to the Policia Nacional at La Linea de la Concepcion.

He was brought before a local court, where much to the consternation of Alicante law enforcement and court officials, Garrido Delgado was bailed, despite six of his associates being jailed ahead of their trial.

An Alicante judge even annulled the European Arrest Warrant on news of his surrender.

Garrido Delgado was summoned via his solicitor to report to the Alicante court on Wednesday, but neither of them showed up.

A fresh summons will be issued and if he does not appear, then the whole process of trying to locate him will start again.

In November, Garrido Delgado contacted the El Mundo newspaper and said that he was not a kidnapper but he represented a group of cryptocurrency investors that were owed €2 million by the male Russian kidnap victim.


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