POLICE in Novelda have arrested a masked thief who robbed two petrol stations on Wednesday.

Shots were fired from a stolen van before he was tasered.

His robbery spree started shortly before 8.00 am at the La Valle de Aspe service station.

Waving a gun at the station employee, he demanded all the takings, but there were none in the two hours the station had been open.

He had to be content with stealing a single chocolate bar before making a fleeting exit.

Despite a police blockade, he fled Aspe and struck an hour later at another service station in Novelda.

His stick-up was more lucrative as he helped himself to the cash takings.

The robber then stole a van parked by a supermarket on Calle Aspe in Novelda but police intercepted him.

Shots were fired as he threatened officers, who responded by tasering him.

Witnesses saw a number of bullet holes in the van.

There were no serious injuries and the man was taken to a police station ahead of a court appearance.


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