A Franciscan monk has been charged with a crime against road safety after running over a young boy in Torrent.

A breathalyser test showed the monk to be more than double the permitted alcohol limit for getting behind the wheel.

The boy- aged under five years- was treated for a head injury at Valencia’s La Fe Hospital and was allowed to go home after a period of observation.

The accident happened at 5.00 pm on Monday when the monk was driving his Fiat Panda at a low speed on Avenida del Vedat in Torrent.

The boy, along with his mother and four-month-old baby were crossing the road.

It’s believed the septuagenarian was dazzled by the sun, which combined with reduced reaction time caused by the excess alcohol, resulted in him being unable to break in time.

Besides the head injury to the boy, the baby fell out of the mother’s arms when she tried to prevent her son from being run over.

Fortunately the baby suffered no injury, but was taken for a full check at La Fe and for observation.


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