POLICE have arrested a man accused of stealing a car with two minors inside, aged 10 and 13 years, after the owner left the car momentarily unattended in Ecija, Sevilla.

According to official reports, police received an alert on February 4 that a ‘heated’ brawl had broken out in a central square of the municipality following a car theft.

It seems that the owner of the luxury car had momentarily left his son and nephew in the car with the engine running.

To his horror, as he was returning to his car after running a few errands, he witnessed another man get into the car and drive off.

Meanwhile, the two children started screaming for help which alerted a fellow driver that something serious was amiss.

The quick-thinking driver was able to stop his car infront of the stolen car and prevent the theft from escaping.

By this point the owner of the stolen car reached his car, son and nephew again and pulled the theft from the car, which led to an aggressive punch-up between the two men until the police arrived.

Thanks to the quick intervention of the police, no one was seriously hurt.

The crook was then identified, arrested and charged with the crimes of carjacking, felony child endangerment and kidnapping.


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